About Regency Salon Studios

Regency Salon Studios is an innovative way for salon professionals to operate and grow their own business for about the same price as renting a chair in a traditional salon. Regency Salon Studios offer each beauty professional their own private, fully enclosed space. Within each studio is everything needed to run a small salon.

Regency Salon Studios provides you with the tools to jump-start your career as a salon professional and business owner so that you can do the work you love, on your own terms. You will work from your own customized, fully furnished and professionally equipped salon suite which will allow you to cater to your own client base and reap the financial rewards.

You will have the opportunity to customize the suite to enhance your working environment. You will be your own boss, establishing your own hours and selling products of your choice and keeping all of the profits.

Salon Studios are designed for established beauty professionals with a solid client base. A Regency Salon Studios website will advertise all of the services available which could provide some opportunity for promoting new business. Hair stylists, colorists, aestheticians, massage therapists and others can benefit from the salon studio concept.

Regency Salon Studios provide an outstanding environment with exceptional design and upscale furnishings for salon professionals who want to be in business for themselves. We create an environment that gives the salon professional a platform to succeed and to meet the needs of their clients.