Questions & Answers

What is a Salon Studio?

A Salon Studio is a mini salon within a collection of “mini salons”, all under one roof. Each studio is a separate, fully enclosed, customized room with a private, locking entrance, fully furnished with everything you need to open for business.


How can I benefit from renting a salon at Regency Salon Studios?

You will be your own boss, establishing your own hours and prices and keeping all of the profits from selling products of your choice. You will be surrounded by other beauty business operators just like yourself.

Regency Salon Studios are located in shopping centers with easy freeway access and plenty of parking. We provide an outstanding environment with exceptional design and upscale furnishings for salon professionals who want to be in business for themselves. We also provide a community waiting room for your clientele. All of this for about the same price as renting a chair in a large salon.


Who should become a Regency Salon Studios Tenant?

The Salon Studio concept is meant for licensed salon professionals who have an established clientele. Generally, you can expect that most of your clients will follow if you move within the same geographic area. Loyalty is usually between the patron and the beauty professional, not the salon. The Salon Studio concept is for the licensed, responsible beauty professional.

It is not intended for the recently licensed professional who doesn’t have a following.

Our tenants come from different areas of the beauty profession including hair stylists, colorists, estheticians, massage therapists, make-up artists and more.


Will my income increase if I am currently on commission?

Definitely! In your current situation you pay the salon every time you perform a service. The more you work, the more you pay in commission. Salon Studio rental allows you to keep all of the profit that you make while increasing your business. You also get to keep 100% of the profit from selling retail products of your choice. By owning your own business there will also be some tax deductions available to you.


I rent a station in a salon, why is a salon studio better?

You get a private, furnished and fully enclosed studio which gives you the ultimate in privacy, freedom and independence. You can customize the studio to accommodate your needs and personality. You can enjoy the camaraderie and creative energy of others without the inevitable conflict of a normal salon.

Your utilities are included in the salon rental so you can expect your space expenses to be stable and consistent every month.


What do I need to operate my own business in a Regency Salon Studio?

You need a current state license in your area of expertise, a business license, Federal Tax ID, an establishment license, a resale tax license if you plan to sell product and general and liability insurance (about $99 per year). We can assist you in getting all of the necessary documents.


Have more questions or ready for a tour?

Just contact with your contact information and we will get things started. Our support team can help you get open for business as quickly as possible.


YOU CAN DO THIS! And we can help.